Democratic “Leaders” Be Careful!

11 months ago Citizen#7 0

Bernie Sanders supporters represent a large vocal segment of the electorate and are still smarting from the divisive partisan actions of Debbie Wasserman Schultz exposed by Wikileaks that fed an already simmering belief in a Clinton bias by the DNC. Facing an untenable Sanders wing demanding Wasserman-Schultz’s step down the Sanders wing of the party threatened the DNC and over her own objections she was removed as Chair.

Wasserman-Schultz was replaced by Dona Brazile as “Interim DNC Chair” a position she holds until today’s election. Brazile, another ardent Clinton supporter ran into trouble in October 2016 when Wikileaks released emails alleging Brazile shared questions for CNN-sponsored candidate events in advance with friends on Clinton’s campaign. The claims proved true and Brazile’s comeuppance came from CNN who dropped her as a pundit.

The “debate” for DNC Chair that have aired on CNN have not been what I would call serious debates, they’ve been more like a beauty pageant. Candidates haven’t been asked important questions. Pundits have anointed two front runners for the position, Keith Ellison and Tom Perez in recent days. The other candidates still have an outside, very outside shot at the job but the race seems to have boiled down to these two candidates.

Rep. Keith Ellison’s announced his bid for DNC Chair on November 14, 2016. His past deserves some scrutiny. It includes a period of time when he was associated with Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, well-known for its anti-Semitic views. I believe Ellison when says he no longer believes in the Nation of Islam but his connections to the group are well documented and deserved discussion in the debates.

In the March/April issue of Mother Jones there is an excellent article covering Ellison including that period of time when he was associated with the Nation of Islam. Ellison has claimed he’s evolved beyond the Nation of Islam and I think he is being honest. It doesn’t make sense that Senators; Sanders, Schumer, and Warren would endorse an anti-Semitic. If Ellison gets the nod to lead the DNC he will undoubtedly face issues surrounding his past associations with Farrakhan and his organization. Prominent members of the DNC like Alan Dershowitz have publicly stated they will resign from the Democratic party of Ellison is appointed Chair. This is not a dead issue.

Tom Perez former Secretary of Labor in the Obama administration jumped in the race for DNC chair on December 15th 2016. He’s widely considered to be the “establishment” candidate for DNC Chair representing the Clinton-Obama wing of the party who fear a too far left DNC led by Ellison.

Perez told a Kansas group of Dems Wednesday February 8th, “We heard loudly and clearly yesterday from Bernie supporters that the process was rigged, and it was.” Later that same day on twitter he backed off that claim tweeting “I “Misspoke” when pronouncing the 2016 campaign was rigged. Later the same day he tweeted another rebuttal “Hillary became our nominee fair and square, and she won more votes in the primary—and general—than her opponents.”  This raises questions for the Sanders wing of the party about Perez’s claims of being as much of a progressive as Ellison. Choosing Perez may further fracture the wounded DNC.

Enter, INDIVISIBLE the catalyst for disaffected Democrats. The battle plan outlined in the Indivisible Guide is leading a fledgling grassroots movement across the country.  Democratic party leadership has yet to catch up or reign in the grassroots action. People are watching the DNC chair election process in large numbers.

While awaiting the February 25th vote, Perez and Ellison dined together presumably to discuss the DNC. Comments about the content of their mealtime discussion weren’t very revealing. To me, this smacks of the old days where deals were made behind closed doors in smoke filled rooms. I suggest all DNC leaders get a one word tattoo “Transparency”. The last thing the DNC needs is more controversy.

The decision of Ellison or Perez boils down to a simple majority vote of 224 votes from the 447 honchos of the DNC. Its likely deals will be made to reach the needed 224 votes between the frontrunners for the job requiring more than one vote.

Ellison, Perez and the DNC need to take heed, the grassroots movement catalyzed by the election of Donald J Trump is gaining momentum and having an impact nationwide. The same old same old isn’t going to cut it and whomever is selected to lead they have a big job ahead of them.

The grassroots action taking place and even the election of Donald Trump is an indictment of the status quo on both sides of the isle. Politics as usual, politicians hunkering down in Washington DC  feeding at the trough of big dollar donors ignoring citizen voters that elected them isn’t going to cut it. Having your big dollar PAC push ads telling voters how wonderful you are aren’t going to cut it either. Politicians better be listening to their constituents and get the message , citizens have had it with the same old same old. Take Heed, the grassroots movement is gaining momentum.  Ignore it at your own peril.