The Coast Guard Deserves Our Respect and Support!

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The Coast Guard Deserves Better Than This!

The picture shows a Coast Guard ship based at the Yaquina Bay, Newport Oregon station dealing with the often difficult conditions of the North Pacific. (The picture is not from the actual even described below). It does confirm the conditions the Coast Guard operates in.

In 1974 a vessel lost power in a very bad storm, without power it had no ability to steer and was headed for the rocks of the North Jetty of Yaquina Bay. Winds were blowing about 30 knots, hard enough to send huge waves crashing over the North Jetty. The fishing boat would soon crash on the rocks and the crew would most likely drown if help didn’t arrive and quick.

I heard about this from a friend who monitored radio chatter and picked up on the exchange between the stranded vessel and Coast Guard. We wondered what they could do in such horrible conditions. The Coast Guard Commander in Newport at that time was legendary as a no nonsense tough guy.  From the safety of a bank high above we watched the Coast Guard approach the bar.  We wondered if they could make it across the bar and save the stranded ship. The Coast Guard vessel crossed was lifted out of the water as it powered through the waves. They continued on heading to the stranded vessel in a race to get to them before their boat crashed on the rocks. They made it in time and managed to get a line to the powerless boat and pull them back away from the rocks and saved all lives aboard.

My description poorly describes what I saw.  Anyone who’s worked on the sea has similar stories about things that went wrong at sea and the help received from the Coast Guard. If you want to see what locals in Newport, Oregon think Google “Yaquina Bay Coast Guard”. We respect and greatly appreciate the Coast Guard and we aren’t alone in our support.

I am very angry with President Trump. He has proposed a budget cut of 14% from the Coast Guard’s $9.1 billion budget in 2017 to about $7.8 billion. Read the bolded, italicized, and underlined words below

In 2014, the US Coast Guard responded to over 17,000 Search and Rescue cases, saved 3,430 lives and more than $47 million in property.

To quote Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) “If the president is serious about getting after the cartels and getting after drug networks, this makes no sense.”

The Coast Guard not only saves lives, it protects property, and secures our ports and coastal waters. The proposed cuts are to help fund the “Wall” and add to the proposed increase in defense spending.  I agree we need to keep our country safe and that is exactly what the Coast Guard does! The Wall many has reported would do little to secure our country and costs billions of dollars. To say it will secure our southern border, stop drug cartels, and more isn’t widely believed to be true.

We know the Coast Guard does this every day and much more. This isn’t hypothetical it is fact.

When it comes to the Coast Guard President Trump is completely clueless about the vital role the Coast Guard plays every day is saving lives, protecting property, and enhancing the security of America.

Let your legislators know we need our Coast Guard.


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