About Us

I am Citizen #7, a resident of Bellingham, Washington. I am not associated with any corporation, PAC, or other group. I write as Citizen#7 at the urging of my family who is afraid of the more dangerous radical elements of our society. To honor their concern I have agreed to remain anonymous.  This blog exists entirely out of my own pocket and no money from any political party, PAC has or will pay for it.

The articles I write are based in fact – not fake news or fake facts but real facts which I cite and link to in the posts I write.

Attacking a person is easy, and is done daily by those in both parties. I appreciate different points of view but will not allow personal attacks on any person here at Citizen Politics. I will not allow any personal attacks on any person at Citizen Politics. I will allow dissenting views as long as they are backed up with real, not fake facts.

who has had it with fake news, politicians on both sides that profess concern for the average working person while initiating or supporting legislation that benefits them. If you remember the Watergate Crisis, as Bernstein and Woodward reported, Deep Throat told them to follow the money.

I hope what appears at Citizen Politics gets you to think and act.  We are entering a time that demands participation by all of us.  The tagline for Citizen Politics “Politicians don’t lead, they follow” I believe is true and grassroots action is needed now perhaps more than ever.