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Can An Honest Investigation Happen?

3 days ago Citizen#7 0
Imagine the campaign for President in reverse, it went something like this….. The Republican National Committee was hacked by Russian hackers and candidate Trump complained about the invasion into his campaign and ensuing leaks to the press through Wikileaks. Within two hours of Hillary Clinton’s Access Hollywood tape revealing how she liked to grab men Read More

The Power of Money and False Claims

4 days ago Citizen#7 0
Death Spiral, this is how Republicans characterize the Affordable Care Act.  These are powerful words that conjure up pictures of a plan spiraling towards the ground and certain destruction.  A powerful phrase meant to scare people, particularly spoken with conviction and passion as Speaker Paul Ryan intimates.  But is the claim true? According to PolitiFact Read More

Understanding the American Health Care Act

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The video below explains the impact of the American Health Care Act. Since the video was released on YouTube the actual scoring of the American Health Care Act by the Congressional Budget Office. 24 million people will lose coverage over the next 10 years.   Read More

Scott Price is the new EPA Sledgehammer

2 weeks ago Citizen#7 0
Scott Price is Trump’s sledgehammer to demolish the EPA. Today Price said on CNBC’s “Squwak Box”: “I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do and there’s tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact, so no, I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the Read More

The Coast Guard Deserves Our Respect and Support!

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The Coast Guard Deserves Better Than This! The picture shows a Coast Guard ship based at the Yaquina Bay, Newport Oregon station dealing with the often difficult conditions of the North Pacific. (The picture is not from the actual even described below). It does confirm the conditions the Coast Guard operates in. In 1974 a Read More

Do We Need A Wall?

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Immigration is an issue near and dear to our President. He has attributed many of our countries ills to those who illegally enter into our country. He has proposed to build a wall to prevent people entering the US through Mexico. President Trump has said different things at different times about the “Wall” he plans Read More

We Need Compromise Not Knife Fights

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Democrats and Republicans are at each others throats daily with their own set of facts and position they protect at all costs. The losers in these daily battles are average citizens be they Democrat or Republican. Right now the Democratic Party is the underdog, eight years ago it was the Republican party who was the Read More

Democratic “Leaders” Be Careful!

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Bernie Sanders supporters represent a large vocal segment of the electorate and are still smarting from the divisive partisan actions of Debbie Wasserman Schultz exposed by Wikileaks that fed an already simmering belief in a Clinton bias by the DNC. Facing an untenable Sanders wing demanding Wasserman-Schultz’s step down the Sanders wing of the party Read More

The Corrosive Wedge of “Us” and “Them”

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The Corrosive Wedge of “Us” and “Them” Politicians and pundits intentionally insert the wedge of “Us” and “Them” between us splitting one side against another to get heard in the 24/7 information noise of the day. The issue of “Us” and “Them” blinds us to the overriding fact we are all Americans. Political parties jockey Read More

Breaking Promises

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Breaking Promises Friday, February 3rd President Trump signed an Executive Order to remove the Fiduciary Rule enacted by President Obama. The fiduciary rule obligates investment professionals to put their clients’ best interest first — not just to find investments that meets the clients’ objectives. The rule would cover professionals who work with defined-contribution retirement plans Read More