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Why Quest Diagnostics Isn’t The Best Choice!

9 months ago Citizen#7 0
It’s disturbing that a local, trusted, non-profit hospital like Peace Health would outsource their labs that do the diagnostic work for local doctors and clinics to a  for-profit global company from New Jersey with a checkered past. The sale of Peace Health Labs to Quest Diagnostics will be completed some time this Spring. Our friends, Read More

The Corrosive Wedge of “Us” and “Them”

10 months ago Citizen#7 0
The Corrosive Wedge of “Us” and “Them” Politicians and pundits intentionally insert the wedge of “Us” and “Them” between us splitting one side against another to get heard in the 24/7 information noise of the day. The issue of “Us” and “Them” blinds us to the overriding fact we are all Americans. Political parties jockey Read More

Bellingham Women’s March

11 months ago Citizen#7 0
The turnout for the Women’s March in Bellingham was amazing.  The number of participants ranged from a low of 5000 to more than 10000.  According to a Bellingham Herald article, one 34-year veteran of the police force said it was the biggest march he had seen in his career. The mood was ebullient, and the Read More